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Icons by xChesirex Icons :iconxchesirex:xChesirex 1 0 Warrior OCs - Updated by xChesirex Warrior OCs - Updated :iconxchesirex:xChesirex 1 4
..::New Roleplaying Rules::..
I will warn, this will be a lot to read, however, it will be important. I will mostly be adding onto previous rules and the like, to avoid confusion. Not to mention, but it is better if it is all in one place, rather than bunched together in every single journal RolePlay request I write up.
Common Phrases
-YC. Your character
-MC. My character
-Yaoi. Male x male
-Yuri. Female x female
-Hetero. Male x female
-Uke. Bottom in sexual roles
-Seke. Switch in sexual roles
-Seme. Top in sexual roles
-RP. RolePlay
-OOC. Out of character
-IC. In character
-IRL. In real life
-GM. Godmodding
-PG. Powergaming
-Mpreg. Male pregnancy
-OC. Own character
-Faceclaim. Typically a picture found on Google to represent the character’s appearance, either fully, or partially
-Voiceclaim. Similar to faceclaims, voiceclaims are when you find a voice that you will dub as your character’s. These can either be actual character voices, voice actors, random people, or songs.
-Original Species. A sp
:iconxchesirex:xChesirex 1 16
..::Alfred Fallin::.. by xChesirex ..::Alfred Fallin::.. :iconxchesirex:xChesirex 3 0 ..::DTA::.. by xChesirex ..::DTA::.. :iconxchesirex:xChesirex 4 8 ..::Husky Custom::.. by xChesirex ..::Husky Custom::.. :iconxchesirex:xChesirex 8 12 ..::Magic::.. by xChesirex ..::Magic::.. :iconxchesirex:xChesirex 3 0 ..::Family Adopt - Orange Huskies - Closed::.. by xChesirex ..::Family Adopt - Orange Huskies - Closed::.. :iconxchesirex:xChesirex 14 23 ..::North::.. by xChesirex ..::North::.. :iconxchesirex:xChesirex 1 1 ..::PixelArt - Riolu::.. by xChesirex ..::PixelArt - Riolu::.. :iconxchesirex:xChesirex 9 0 ..::PixelArt - Mew::.. by xChesirex ..::PixelArt - Mew::.. :iconxchesirex:xChesirex 12 13 ..::PixelArt - Dratini::.. by xChesirex ..::PixelArt - Dratini::.. :iconxchesirex:xChesirex 8 3
..::RolePlay Rules::..
The following rules are simply to avoid mass amounts of text being entered in one journal, copies over and over again. It will avoid confusion as to what I want, unless I specify in the journal when I want one of these things to be excluded for a specific journal request. If you have any questions about the following, please don't hesitate to ask! I won't bite.. much.
:new:-Angels and Demons! ( Lots of people have asked if this was okay, it really is fine, I like them, just don't make them too overpowered. )
-Yaoi ( MxM )
-Yuri ( FxF )
-Hetero ( MxF )
-Paragraph ( Minimum of two sentences )
-Third person
-Past tense
-Other time periods
-All races and species ( Including Anthros, Ponies / Ferals, made up species, depending on the RP, most are allowed. )
:new: -No more original species! ( Sorry, but someone creeped me out with one of their original species character, it being a Spider-Creature.. And they wanted smut..
:iconxchesirex:xChesirex 7 12
..::Unnamed Hatchling::.. by xChesirex ..::Unnamed Hatchling::.. :iconxchesirex:xChesirex 4 1 ..::ClockWork::.. by xChesirex ..::ClockWork::.. :iconxchesirex:xChesirex 3 3 ..::Lion Lineart::.. by xChesirex ..::Lion Lineart::.. :iconxchesirex:xChesirex 2 0


:P2U: Feline Base 2 by BentSpoons :P2U: Feline Base 2 :iconbentspoons:BentSpoons 187 28
Artist Beware - Thief, Tracer and Scammer.

Do NOT commissioner a user on here named Alirras Profile, or a user on Facebook named Alisia Sutton.

So I found this little gem today: Comment which is now deleted
And I couldn't help but laugh my ass off, as anyone who has been following me for the past year knows that Alirras has been tracing me for well over a year now.
She claims I stole her species the "Nuxies", which were actually a rip off of a species I made YEARS ago called Slinks.
AND Alirras KNEW her Nuxies were a rip off, because she was confronted about it, BY ME.
The note on FA where I confronted her
Another note on FA where I confronted her
One detail she happened to leave out, was that her OC "Tiwis" was a Slink, until I ended up giving them to someone
:iconxashy:Xashy 9 6
AdventageousLizard's 640 Color Palette Compilation by AdventageousLizards AdventageousLizard's 640 Color Palette Compilation :iconadventageouslizards:AdventageousLizards 965 134 Custom for xChesirex by Woofwoof-adopts Custom for xChesirex :iconwoofwoof-adopts:Woofwoof-adopts 4 0 Pride and Lust (Redraw) by NarumyNatsue
Mature content
Pride and Lust (Redraw) :iconnarumynatsue:NarumyNatsue 93 6
Mystery Eye Adopts OPEN by Ott3rSpac3 Mystery Eye Adopts OPEN :iconott3rspac3:Ott3rSpac3 8 0 |Cheap Expression YCH| OPEN UNLIMITED by Usaqii |Cheap Expression YCH| OPEN UNLIMITED :iconusaqii:Usaqii 43 134 Free To Use Lineart (wolftaur) by SaltandPupper Free To Use Lineart (wolftaur) :iconsaltandpupper:SaltandPupper 161 14 F2U | Anthro Sheep Base by Zaveria F2U | Anthro Sheep Base :iconzaveria:Zaveria 190 14 Clean out cans (( Open )) by I-MAKE-MONSTERS Clean out cans (( Open )) :iconi-make-monsters:I-MAKE-MONSTERS 6 31 F2U RARPG bases by BloodRedKit F2U RARPG bases :iconbloodredkit:BloodRedKit 35 0 Theme Challenge Batch 3 OPEN by ZombieMinionAdopts Theme Challenge Batch 3 OPEN :iconzombieminionadopts:ZombieMinionAdopts 12 6 Underwear Model by MelBaka Underwear Model :iconmelbaka:MelBaka 83 3
Why I hate closed species
It drives me crazy to see how some people are okay to spend +$500 on some shitty designs made on re-used bases just because the species is "popular".
And the worse about that, is that the "artists" don't even seem to care anymore about the quality of their works because they know that there is always an idiot out there that is going to buy it, because you know... it's popular !
I have seen so many talented artists working hard to draw some unique and well-thinked designs, and nobody care...
What is wrong with people ? I really don't understand.
That's just my opinion, you are free to think whatever you want, I don't care, and I don't want to know.
And if you feel offended by what I wrote... I don't care either ! Everyone is offended by everything anyways.
Just a little thing : not all closed species are like this, there are some very rare exceptions, but let's be honest, today the only reason why people are keep creating closed species is to make money, there is no m
:iconnereiix:Nereiix 37 51
Free German Shepherd Pup Lineart by SurfMutt Free German Shepherd Pup Lineart :iconsurfmutt:SurfMutt 270 60
 Note: This is an edit of an earlier ad that was about a yaoi RP. This one includes all kinds of roleplay. 
Hiya! So, I'm Loli. This is going to be a pretty long journal so bear with me. Please note, this is subject to change and be edited as I please. 
Heart RULES Heart 
Star!Use third person POV! I can't stress this enough! 
  x  I give the ball to you. 
  Checkmark Charlie gave the ball to Cane. 
Star!Do NOT use text talk. Write how you would a story. Use proper punctuation and grammar. 
  x hello charlie! *cane waves*
  Checkmark "Hello, Charlie!" Cane
:iconloliroyal:LoliRoyal 2 0

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I don't want to ask for money, but.. Our youngest Cat, who's about 3-4 years old at this point, has had blood in her stool, extremely loose stool, and it sometimes just.. plops out of her without her meaning to. Switching her food has helped it, but the blood is recent, even with the food change. We don't know what's wrong with her, and can't afford to take her to the vet. It could be something serious, it could be something simple, we don't know. But I can't stand to see her suffering. 
It'd also help get my Elderly Cat, 12-13 years old, we aren't completely sure about her age, but when we got her it was estimated she was about 9 or 10, get the case she needs. Claws trimmed ( She's very aggressive and will scratch and bite if she's pissed off ) , microchipped ( She likes trying to sneak out when the door is left open ) , and a general checkup to make sure she's healthy and doesn't need any shots or medications ( While she doesn't appear to be in pain, Cats are masters of hiding it, and she has been having trouble grooming herself lately ) . 

So, any bit helps.…


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My new, and active, accounts are :
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